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  1. Just as Blondie's second album, Plastic Letters, was a pale imitation of their self-titled debut, Eat to the Beat, their fourth album, was a secondhand version of their breakthrough third album, Parallel Lines: one step forward, half a step back. There was an attempt, on such songs as "The Hardest Part" and "Atomic," to recreate the rock/disco fusion of the group's one major U.S. hit, 9/
  2. Apr 26,  · Eat To The Beat was Blondie's fourth album, following hot on the heels of Parallel Lines in September and was released alongside the first ever album length video. EMI are proud to present the CD and DVD for Eat To The Beat in the same package for the very first time. The original VHS release of Eat To The Beat has long been deleted/5().
  3. Apr 26,  · Blondie doesn't get credit for much. One thing the band SHOULD get credit for is helping to pioneer the concept of music videos. Whether the video album to Eat to the Beat was the first or simply one of the first attempts to make a video for each song on an entire album, this DVD's historic importance cannot be overstated/5().
  4. Jan 01,  · IMHO Blondie's finest, featuring a wide spectrum of music styles from power pop (Dreaming) to white soul (Slow Motion), reggae (Die Young Stay Pretty) to lullaby (Sound Asleep), as well as the obligatory disco number (Atomic)/5().

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