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  1. Exit Blue Cheer, Enter "Randy Holden Population "II" with Chris Lockheed, as a two man band immortally voluminized in the annuls of the only Power Duo to have ever existed in Rock Music. After parting Blue Cheer, Randy was approached by drummer (and keyboardist) Chris Lockheed, who also played both drums and keyboard.
  2. Randy Holden - Guitar God - Guitarist known for passionate virtuoso guitar styles. An artist of known for psychedelic and major rock guitar shredding. Guitar God - Randy Holden - Population II.
  3. Oct 03,  · Randy Holden: Population II ‎ (LP, Album) Line Records: LLP AS: Germany: Sell This Version/5().
  4. Jun 18,  · In , proto-metal guitarist Randy Holden owned no less than 16 amps, each encased with watts of power, which might explain why this record, Population II, has guitars that sound not like heavy metal falling from the sky, but like black holes disintegrating chunks of the earth’s core.
  5. Oct 13,  · His new band was dubbed "Randy Holden - Population II" which was a reference to the fact there were only two members in the band as well as being an astronomical term "Population II" that defines a special kind of Star Group cluster type, having Heavy Metal in its composition/5(28).
  6. Mar 14,  · Randy Holden's POPULATION II should appeal to those who love Heavy Psyche Rock, as well as to both Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Savants. Fans of 60s music who are not afraid of volume may also take to it. Many compare Holden to Jimi Hendrix, but that is a mistake as both have different even contrasting musical styles as they just sound very different/5(9).

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