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  1. The official release of The Basement Tapes-- which were first heard on a bootleg called The Great White Wonder -- plays with history somewhat, as Robbie Robertson overemphasizes the Band's status in the sessions, making them out to be equally active to Dylan, adding in demos not cut at the sessions and overdubbing their recordings to flesh them out/
  2. The Basement Tapes Bob Dylan & The Band Released 07/01/ Some years back, The Band cut a song called "The Rumor." It's a tune that could well describe the music now collected here. "The Basement Tapes" are a bit like the phantom session that brought Elvis, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash together for the first and last time.
  3. Mar 30,  · LeonardoA. A number of songs produced other artists such as The Byrds and Manfred Mann hits on. Eight years later became part still issued on the double album The Basement Tapes (). The Baker mixed bag drew on the rich source of the American tradition and influenced rootsy singer/songwriters and americana-bands/5(K).
  4. Mar 30,  · We now know that these tapes made in the basement of the house know as Big Pink, in Woodstock, New York, just west of Saugerties, at Stroll Road [and in when I was there, the house was still pink] the rented home of The Band and were the working models for both Dylan’s release of “John Wesley Harding,” and The Band’s outstanding outing “Big Pink.”/5().
  5. Oct 20,  · My view is that this album still makes a valuable supplement to the Complete Basement Tapes (or the smaller 2-disc set The Basement Tapes Raw) and to the first Band albums, but that the release of the newer sets downgrades this from "essential" to "nice to have" - but one should consider The Basement Tapes Raw to be essential for all serious /5().

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